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Free Knitting Patterns/Free Crochet Patterns

Here, we offer free original knitting and crochet patterns of items made using our yarns. These patterns are copyrighted and solely for personal and non-commercial use. Patterns may not be reproduced electronically or in print for commercial purposes.


Hairpin Lace Crochet: Fiorella Scarf (Crochet)
Ellie Scarf (Knit)
Handmade Ribbon Scarf
Ceri Infinity Scarf (Crochet)
Gemma Wide Ribbon Drop Stitch Scarf (Knit)
Pia Missoni-like Scarf (Knit)
Angela Drop Stitch Scarf (Knit)
Goldie's Night Out Scarf (Knit)
Maxine Ladder Ribbon Scarf (Crochet)
Julia Triangle Scarf (Knit)
Madison Scarf (Knit)
Festival Scarf and Necklace (Knit & Crochet)
Anda Cowl (Knit)
Bradley Scarf (Knit)
Kate Skinny Scarf (Knit)
Color Your Age Scarf (Knit)
Charlotte Textured Scarf (Knit)
Justin Scarf - Handsome, textured scarf for men (Knit)
3 Lace Stitch Patterns for Scarf/Shawl (Knit)
Amaranta Scarf (Knit)
Estella Scarf (Knit)
Ethan Scarf (Knit)
Catena Ripple Wave Scarf (Knit)
So Soft-Lantern Scarf (Knit)
Desire-Stained Glass Scarf (Knit)
Charm-Furz Scarf (Knit)
Ribbed Scarf (Knit)
Kasumi Scarf (Knit)
Sensalash Scarf (Knit)


Ava Lacy Wrap (Knit)
Kayla Wide Scarf/Shawl (Knit)
Corona Prayer Shawl/Comfort Shawl (Knit)
Fran Shawl / Head Wrap (Knit)
Fantina Evening Wrap (Knit)
Reina Shawl (Knit)
Stained Glass Shawl (Knit)
Desire-Furz Shrug (Knit)

Sweaters / Tops

Mosaic Form-Fitting Shell (Knit)
Desire Drop Stitch Pullover (Knit)
Montage Shell (Knit)
Crochet Bella Camisole (Crochet)
Fluid Baby Doll Shell (Knit)


Zany College Dorm Throw (Knit)
Natalie Diagonal Striped Baby Blanket (Knit)
Easter Baby Blanket (Knit)
Aaron Baby Blanket (Knit)
Cascading Colors Baby Blanket (Knit)
So Soft Diamond Panel Baby Blanket (Knit)
Bright Baby Blanket (Knit)


Bianca Skull Cap (Beanie) (Knit)
Taylor Swirl Beanie (Knit)
'I Care' Chemo Hat (Knit)
Anda Hat (Knit)
3-Corner Hat (Knit)
Simple Child Hat (Knit)
Venus Felt Hat (Knit)
Felted Tam-Beret (Crochet)
Elma Cabled Hat (Men/Women) (Knit)
Clara Trendy Hat/Beret (Knit)
Toni Ribbed Hat (Knit)
Knit Hat For Our Troops (Knit)
Pink Spiral Hat (Knit)


Parklane Socks (Knit)
Bristol Tubular Ribbed Socks (Knit)
Ashley Ribbed Socks (Knit)

For The Home

Diagonal Stitch Washcloth/Dishcloth (Knit)
Double Seed Stitch Washcloth/Dishcloth (Knit)
Basketweave Washcloth/Dishcloth (Knit)
Frames Washcloth/Dishcloth (Knit)
Curtain/Window Treatment
Bobby Washcloth (Knit)
Cuddle Me Washcloth (Knit)


Bradford Gauntlet (Knit)
Tim the Puppy (Crochet)
Dry & Buff Cloth (Knit)
Crochet Medallion Necklaces (Crochet)
Crochet Ladder Ribbon Necklace (Crochet)
Crochet Malibu Necklace (Crochet)
Crochet Bejewel Necklace (Crochet)
Crochet Bejewel Necklace (Crochet)
Lei Necklace and Choker (no crochet or knitting required)



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