Chronicle #12: First Intentional Eyelet

Today I did something that I am really proud of, I made my first intentional eyelet. To be fair, perhaps my feeling of pride is a bit unwarranted as I have been making quite a few accidental eyelets ever since learning to knit. But at least now, I know how to do it. I know what causes that hole in my knitting which is good for both making an eyelet when desired and avoided making that hole when it is not. So what is an eyelet and why might a knitter want to make it?

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Chronicle #11: Valentine’s Day Hearts

I am pleased to report that I had a wonderful Valentine’s Day with my avid knitter wife. We enjoyed a wonderful picnic at a beautiful park; no computers, no phones. It was just the two of us and well, a lot of other people. You see, the park was one of Disney’s theme parks, Hollywood Studios. But what made this Valentine’s Day magical, truly magical, was not just the movie magic of the theme park, but a special surprise that I knitted for her, three Valentine’s Day Hearts.

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