Chronicle #11: Valentine’s Day Hearts

Valentine's Day Heart

I am pleased to report that I had a wonderful Valentine’s Day with my avid knitter wife. We enjoyed a wonderful picnic at a beautiful park; no computers, no phones. It was just the two of us and well, a lot of other people. You see, the park was one of Disney’s theme parks, Hollywood Studios. But what made this Valentine’s Day magical, truly magical, was not just the movie magic of the theme park, but a special surprise that I knitted for her, three Valentine’s Day Hearts.

I could not think of a better way to thank my wife for all of the loving and patient instruction in knitting that she has been giving me. Though she from time to time has given me looks of exasperation and has called me names, I do know that through it all, she is being as loving and patient as she is capable of being with me. Imagine her surprise, when all on my own I found a pattern and instructions for knitting a heart, picked out some really nice Berlini Merino Velvet Worsted yarn that was well-suited for the project, and then knitted three hearts of different colors, each with their own special meaning.

The red heart that I knitted her was to symbolize all of the love that I have for her. We have been married for a long time and our friendship and love continues to get better and better.

The yellow heart was meant to reflect optimism and joy. In particular, I wanted to let my wife know how optimistic and joyous I am at every opportunity to spend time with her and to take on something new with her. Learning how to knit so I could enjoy the craft with her was just the latest of many of such undertakings we have had together over the many years.

The blue heart was intended to reflect imagination. Already, with just the most basic of knitting skills I have made so many useful things; a golf ball towel, a mat for my mobile phone, arm chair and headrest covers for my La-Z-Boy chair. It seems that no sooner than I finish one project, I think of three more!

So, I gave my avid knitter wife a big hug, thanked her for being my teacher and of course my wife, and presented her with the red, yellow, and blue Valentine’s Day hearts that I had knitted her. The hearts weren’t perfectly knitted and I know I can do a better job next time, but by the expression on her face, I could see that these three little hearts had touched the big one she already has. Success.

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