Chronicle #12: First Intentional Eyelet

First Intentional Eyelet Stitch

Today I did something that I am really proud of, I made my first intentional eyelet. To be fair, perhaps my feeling of pride is a bit unwarranted as I have been making quite a few accidental eyelets ever since learning to knit. But at least now, I know how to do it. I know what causes that hole in my knitting which is good for both making an eyelet when desired and avoided making that hole when it is not. So what is an eyelet and why might a knitter want to make it?

What is an Eyelet?

Basically, an eyelet is a small round hole. You find eyelets in all kinds of leathers and fabrics.

What are eyelets used for?

Eyelets can be functional and used to make button holes or just a hole through which something can be passed through. Eyelets can also be used for decoration as they can add elegance to a pattern or design.

How do you knit an eyelet?

An eyelet is made by knitting a yarn over and a decrease. An extra stitch is made with a loop between two stitches which is then knitted or purled on subsequent rows. This makes the eyelet and forms the hole.

In hindsight, I probably should have learned (or been taught) about eyelets from the very beginning of my knitting instruction. Though it may have been a bit confusing, the fact of the matter was that I had no difficulty in making them accidentally on account of mistakes in my knitting.

Well, now that I know about eyelets, it is no longer a mystery to me when they pop up in my knitting. Though my skills are getting better, I still make the silliest of mistakes. So for that alone, I am so happy to have learned about eyelets.

Though I am not quite ready to take on an ambitious project with lots of eyelets and all that would be entailed with that, I do have a daily need for which a knitting work with an eyelet would nicely meet. I will keep you posted. Literally!

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