Chronicle #16: Knitted Letter Washcloth

Lately I have been working on my stockinette stitch. For some reason I have been having difficulty purling. When I first learned to knit, I actually found the purl stitch easier to do than the knit stitch. But now, I am struggling with it. Perhaps I am holding my needles differently and maybe even wrong. Anyway, I wanted to make a small washcloth with the letter B on it to give to a friend, so I found a neat pattern and got busy. What an adventure and lesson learned! Let me tell you about it.

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Chronicle #15: Stockinette Border

The first question that I asked my avid knitter wife and knitting teacher after I had finished a pattern that used a stockinette stitch was whether the edges were supposed to curl up the way they did. I thought I had done something wrong. Though the stitching looked great, I wasn’t too happy with the curling on the sides of my work. Turns out, there are lots of ways to fix that curling; an easy way is to add a Stockinette Border.

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Chronicle #14: About Shamrocks

In observance of St. Patrick’s Day, I decided to knit and give my avid knitter wife an Irish Shamrock. She really liked the Valentine’s Day Hearts that I knitted for her, so I can only imagine and hope for a similar outcome. Over the course of this new adventure, knitting the Irish Shamrock, I learned a few new knitting skills and I also learned a few new things about shamrocks. Let me tell you all about it.

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Chronicle #13: From Yarn to Hat

I had been wanting to knit a hat for quite some time now, so I asked my teacher, my avid knitter wife, for an easy hat pattern for beginner knitters. Knowing my skill level, or lack thereof, she gave me a really good one. It was a pattern for a hat that would be knit on straight needles and then seamed. Easy enough, yet I had to learn a few new skills, so let me tell you about my new adventure in getting from yarn to hat!

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