About Froggie

Age: Mature

Gender: Male

Knitting level: Beginner

Reason for learning to knit: To spend time with my avid knitter wife and to make useful and beautiful things.

Reason for blog: To provide perspectives, tips, and insights to those learning to knit, especially those for whom knitting is not a natural activity.

Favorite needles: Denise Interchangeable Knitting Needles, size 10.

Favorite yarn: Berlini Merino Velvet Worsted, 101 Woodland Camouflage.

What was hard for me to learn: How to properly use the fingers in my right hand in order to hold and work the yarn.

Still getting the hang of: Holding the yarn with the right amount of tension.

What gives me fits: Not understanding the language and instructions of the “How to Knit” book that my wife gave me.

Mistakes I am good at: Purling with the yarn behind the needle and losing the stitch count when ribbing.

Speed: I am getting faster, but not nearly as fast, smooth, and consistent as my wife.

Quality: Getting better, but not as good as I would like. It seems that as I get better at holding the yarn and having the right amount of tension, I make less mistakes and have much better knitting.

First project: A golf towel for my golf bag.

Project I am most proud of so far: Armrest and headrest covers for my La-Z-Boy chair using Berlini Shoelace Yarn.

Biggest surprise so far: Don’t tell my avid knitter wife this, but I actually really like to knit, a lot. I have all kinds of projects in mind.