Free Crochet Pattern: Concetta Mesh Scarf (With Woven Ribbon Option)

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Knitted Measurements
Approx 64" x 9" (blocked; excluding fringe)


2 x Berlini Merino Velvet Worsted, Col 111 ( or color of your choice)
1 x Berlini Memento Royale, Col 138 (or color of your choice)
J10/6 mm crochet hook


10 double crochet (dc) = 3"


To crochet scarf:
With Merino Velvet Worsted, chain 34.
R1: Dc in 4th st from hook, dc in next st, *(ch1, sk 1 st, dc in next 2 st), rep * till end.
R2: Ch3, dc in next st, *(ch1, sk ch-1 space, dc in next 2 dc), rep * till end.

Repeat R1 and R2 until scarf measures 60".
Bind off.


Block scarf.

Bind off all stitches.


Option: Weave in Ribbon with Memento Royale
Starting at 'cast on' edge with Berlini Memento Royale or Berlini Memento , weave ribbon through the spaces along the length of the scarf to the 'bound off' edge.
There should be 10 rows of ribbon.
Leave a length of about 8" at each end at start and finish of ribbon, and make a knot at each end.


Cut strands of yarn about 17" long. With one strand at a time, attach along both cast on and bound off edges.



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