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About Us

NuMei is the English translation of the Chinese words 'Beautiful Lady'.

NuMei is a U.S. company founded with the cost-conscious, quality-seeking, time-constraint knitter, crocheter, and crafter in mind. Our aim is to provide beautiful, quality yarns at affordable prices - delivered right to your doorstep - for your convenience.

You will find that our high quality yarns are generally lower priced than similar yarns of other brands. We source our yarns from all over the world and make them available at low prices through economies of scale, low overheads and lower profit margins, passing on the savings to you. Some of our yarns are purchased directly from mills that produce yarns for other high-end brands.

We cater to individuals as well as stores.

For large volume users - whether you are an individual needing large quantities of yarn for personal use, a crafter making items for resale, or a retail store offering yarns for resale, we offer additional savings when you purchase our yarns by the bag. These yarns may be purchased at wholesale prices with no minimum opening orders, no business license requirements, and hassle-free.

Shop from the comfort of your home, at your own time and convenience. We are just a phone call or email away should you require assistance at any time. We strive to make your shopping experience with us pleasant and enjoyable, and welcome your feedback at any time.

We hope you enjoy shopping with us!

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