Free Pattern: Ribbon Yarn Scarves

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These ribbon yarn scarves are so very easy to make and are absolutely irresistible and gorgeous! All you need to know is how to measure and cut!


Made from the finest Italian ribbon yarns, these ribbon yarn scarves are incredibly beautiful, lightweight and very eye-catching. They are sure to be an instant hit with everyone, and having just one would not be enough. You would be receiving many compliments when you wear your scarf, and it would certainly be a conversation starter.


These ribbon yarn scarves make superb gifts for family and friends. They also are easy projects that you can do with kids 9 years or older.


There are multiple ways to wear these ribbon yarn scarves, and the pictures show some of the ways you can wear this unique and trendy accessory.


Finished length: Approx 54".


1 x Ladder Ribbon; or
1 x Ladder Ribbon Glitter, or
1 x Ladder Ribbon Maxi, or
1 x East Track II, or
1 x Memento, or
1 x Memento Royale, or
1 x Tinkerbella, or
1 x Tilly, or
Combination of any of the above yarns.
A pair of scissors


Gauge: Not important




  • Thickness of scarf may be varied by varying the number of strands of yarn. For skinny, lighter weight scarves, use fewer strands; for thicker, fuller scarves, use more strands.
  • Length of scarf may be varied by the varying the length of the strands of yarn.
  • Be adventurous and experiment mixing different ladder ribbons of multiple colors. You will be pleasantly surprised by the outcomes.
  • For best results, be sure to use fine quality ribbons that are soft and drape well.
  • To prevent strands from tangling, drape your scarf over a hanger for storage.


The following number of strands for each yarn type makes a scarf of medium thickness. Number of strands may be varied according to preference:



To make scarf:


Using your yarn of choice, cut the desired number of strands of yarn that are approx 60" each and lay them lengthwise on the table.


Align all strands at one end and smooth out the yarn. Pick up all the strands from the middle, and make an overhand knot in the middle, adjusting the lengths on both sides to make sure they are equal before tightening the knot.


Holding the scarf from the knot just made, trim the ends so they are even on both sides.


Voila! Your scarf is now complete! Enjoy!



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Every effort has been made to ensure that the directions contained in this pattern are accurate and complete; However, we cannot be responsible for individual variance, human or typographical errors.


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