Free Crochet Pattern: Ladder Ribbon Necklace Pattern 2

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These crocheted ribbon necklaces are absolutely dazzling and sure to be an instant hit with everyone! They look like shiny beads but are light-weight and easy to make. Make one in every color to match your wardrobe.


Finished length: Approx 24".


One ball of any of the following yarns:
Ladder Ribbon, Ladder Ribbon Glitter, Ladder Ribbon Maxi, East Track II, Magical Treat, Stellalume, Portfolio, or Okimi Ribbon


US Size I9 (5.5 mm) crochet hook if using Ladder Ribbon or Ladder Ribbon Glitter


US Size L11 (8 mm), M13 (9 mm) or N15 (10 mm) crochet hook if using East Track II, Ladder Ribbon Maxi, Magical Treat, Stellalume, Portfolio, or Okimi Ribbon


US Size P16 (11.5 mm) crochet hook if using combinations of 2 strands of yarn.


Gauge: Not important



  • Length of necklace can be varied by varying the number of crochet stitches.
  • Thickness of necklace can be varied by varying the number of strands.


Pattern 2 (Make 4 strands using East Track; or 6 strands using Ladder Ribbon; or make your choice of even number of strands)


Measure about 12" from edge of yarn and make slip knot.
Chain stitch until length of strand measures approx 20".
Bind off and cut yarn about 12" from bound off stitch.


Line up the first stitch of half the number of strands and tie a knot approx 1.5" from the first stitch. Do the same for the other end (Group A).
Repeat for the other half number of strands (Group B).


Intertwine Group A and Group B and bring all 4 knots together and tie the ends together approx 1" from the knots. Braid the loose ends for about 1" and tie another knot. Trim off ends.



Copyright 2014 NuMei - This pattern may be used for non-commercial personal or guild use. Reproduction in print in any publication or electronic/digital format without permission is strictly prohibited.


Every effort has been made to ensure that the directions contained in this pattern are accurate and complete; However, we cannot be responsible for individual variance, human or typographical errors.


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