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Knitting Pattern: 7 Easy Scarves To Knit This Season


Easy, quick to knit scarves using Tuscany


Knitting pattern instructions for 7 easy and quick to knit scarves. While the scarves were made up using Tuscany, it can be substituted with other yarns. Scarf patterns include:


  • Stockinette/Garter Combination scarf (1 ball)
  • Diagonal Ridge scarf (1 ball)
  • Dropped Stitch scarf (1 ball)
  • Modular scarf (2 balls)
  • Cross Stitch scarf (1 ball)
  • Entrelac scarf (3 balls)
  • Lacy, openwork scarf (1 ball)


Colors of Tuscany used for scarves shown below (top to bottom, left to right):
R1, L1: Tuscany #20 Clematis
R1, L2: Tuscany #09 Fjord
R1, L3: Tuscany #07 Spanish Steps
R1, L4: Tuscany #02 Hematite and #04 Leopard Zebra
R2, L1: Tuscany #23 Red/Purple Jasper
R2, L2: Tuscany #11 Emerald, #12 Graciela Rouge and #14 Rendezvous
R2, L3: Tuscany #10 Romantic Walk
R3, L1: Tuscany #23 Red/Purple Jasper
R3, L2: Tuscany #07 Spanish Steps
R3, L3: Tuscany #02 Hematite and #04 Leopard Zebra
R4, L4: Tuscany #10 Romantic Walk


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