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Knitting Pattern: Scarf of Faith, Hope and Love


A special scarf to knit in support of cancer patients


If you know or have a loved one or friend with a life threatening illness, you know that it is never easy for the patient or the family and loved ones. When we first set out to design this scarf, we wanted it to be more than just another pink scarf in support of breast cancer research. We wanted the design to have special symbolic meaning to the wearer of the scarf. It started out as a pink scarf but quickly morphed into a scarf that can be made for anyone we would like to show our love, support and encouragement.


The Design


The Seam of Faith
The scarf consists of 2 pieces grafted in the middle with an invisible seam. The seam cannot be seen but it is there and it holds the 2 pieces together. The seam symbolizes Faith, which sometimes requires a belief in things which cannot be seen. It is this Faith that holds our family and loved ones together and gives the wearer courage to hope and fight the illness.


The Leaves of Hope
From the seeds of Faith spring forth Hope. The Leave Pattern was chosen to symbolize Hope and new beginnings. The Leaves were specifically designed to move upwards on both sides of the scarf to symbolize Hope and positive energy to take steps going forward on the road to recovery.


The 3 columns of Leaves represent Friendship, Unity and Encouragement – that we are there to stand together with our loved ones and friends.


The Flounces of Love
And the greatest of these is Love. We chose the Wavy Pattern for the flounces to symbolize the sea of Love and Support for the wearer. The 3 flounces represent Family, Friends and Community and the flounces on both sides of the scarf – at the beginning and the end - further symbolize the outpouring of Love and support that surround the wearer.


We hope that this scarf brings faith, hope, love, courage and comfort to the wearer.


Uses 3 balls of Merino Luxe and Stellalume.


Available as PDF download only; no shipping charges will be applicable.


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