Free Knitting Pattern: Hat For Soldiers/Troops deployed to cold climates

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An easy-to-knit hat suitable for troops deployed to cold climates.


Knitted Measurements
To fit women's size with men's size in parenthesis.


2 x Merino Xtra #504 (or color of your choice)
16" Circular knitting needles: US Size 3 and 5
Double pointed knitting needles: US Size 5


Approx 6 st = 1" in Stockinette St. on #5 needles


1 x 1 Ribbing
Every row: *(K1, P1), rep * till end


To knit hat:
With #3 circular needles, cast on 100 (108) stitches.
Work in 1 x 1 ribbing till piece measures 6 " from beginning.
Change to #5 circular needles and work in stockinette st till piece measures 9" (10") from beginning.


*[Only for women's size: On the last row before crown shaping. knit to last 2 st, then K2tog - 99 st remain]


Shape crown: [Men's - start at R1; Women's - start at R3]
*Switch to double pointed needles when necessary.


R1(RS): *(K10, K2tog), rep * till end - 99 st rem.
R2 and all even rows: Knit
R3: *(K9, K2tog), rep * till end.
R5: *(K8, K2tog), rep * till end.
R7 *(K7, K2tog), rep * till end.
R9: *(K6, K2tog), rep * till end.
R11: *(K5, K2tog), rep * till end.
R13: *(K4, K2tog), rep * till end.
R15 (Final row for shape crown): *(K3, K2tog), rep * till end - 36 st rem.


Divide st equally onto 2 needles (you should have 18 st on each needle).
With wrong sides facing each other, use Kitchener Stitch to seam together the stitches.
Weave in loose ends.



Copyright 2014 NuMei - This pattern may be used for non-commercial personal or guild use. Reproduction in print in any publication or electronic/digital format without permission is strictly prohibited.


Every effort has been made to ensure that the directions contained in this pattern are accurate and complete; However, we cannot be responsible for individual variance, human or typographical errors.


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