Chronicle #6: Purl Stitches

Purl Stitches

Now on to Purl Stitches. My avid knitter wife suggested that due to my past difficulties in understanding the illustrations and instructions in my Knitting Made Easy book, I should let her show me and explain to me how to make a Purl Stitch. Wanting to learn how to make a Purl Stitch all on my own, I started to suggest that I would like to give it a go without her help. But no sooner than I opened my mouth did I get that spousal look, so I said, “Fine. Let’s do it your way.” How do you think things went from there?

Well, I must admit, my wife was right. After showing and explaining to me how to make a Purl Stitch, I was off to the races. I told her to leave me alone for a while and let me Purl Stitch 30 rows. After, I would show her my work so that she could let me know if I made any mistakes or needed to improve anything.

I was surprised to discover that, for me, the Purl Stitch was easier to do than the Knit Stitch. After a few rows of practice, I found myself in a rhythm. I found it quick and easy to insert the right-hand needle from right to left through the front of the stitch on the left-hand needle. The motion of winding the yarn from right to left over the point of the right-hand needle was more natural and fluid for me to do than in the Knit Stitch. Even drawing the loop through and onto the right-hand needle seemed to be easier and went much better. And I was able to easily and quickly slip the stitch off the left-hand needle and get right into the next Purl Stitch.

In no time at all, I had made 30 rows of Purl Stitches. Better yet, I felt fairly confident that I had not made any mistakes in my knitting. And if so, that would be a first!

Proud as a peacock, I took my work to my avid knitter wife for her inspection and grade. Imagine my surprise, when she told me that my stitching was not just good but really good.

Next, we had a very interesting conversation. My avid knitter wife explained to me that you never just knit Purl Stitches. Because, when you make a Knit Stitch, the back will look like a Purl Stitch, and vice versa. I found that really interesting. My avid knitter wife then showed me how to do a Stockinette Stitch and that gave me a great idea for my next project.

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