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Mixing Yarns

Mixing Yarns

Examples of Yarn Mixes and Color Combinations

Yarn mixing or Yarn blending is the technique of knitting or crocheting with two or more strands of yarn held together to create new and astonishing fabrics and colors. There are no rules to yarn mixing, and you can be as bold and adventurous or as conservative and neutral as you like. With the availability of variegated, printed, self-patterning, dotty and hand-painted yarns today, the possibilities are infinite and exciting.

It is hard to predict what a yarn blend will ultimately look like until it is worked up, and the results may be unexpected and surprising. Hence, an essential part of yarn mixing is swatching. To take the guesswork out of some of the different outcomes of yarn mixing with a few of the Berlini yarns we carry, and to showcase the incredible possibilities that can be achieved, we show here the results of some beautiful yarn mixes and blends. By combining some of the self-striping Merino Velvet yarn colors with another yarn, we were able to achieve totally new, unique and exciting color combinations.

We will continue to add different yarn combinations to this list over time. We encourage you to experiment with different color combinations and be bold. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much fun and gratification this process brings.

Yarn Mix MVDK104-MB10
Yarn Mix MVDK105-MB7
Yarn Mix MVDK108-MB8
Mix: Merino Velvet DK 104 and Merino Butter 10
Mix: Merino Velvet DK 105 and Merino Butter 7
Mix: Merino Velvet DK 108 and Merino Butter 8
Yarn Mix MVDK110-MB6
Yarn Mix MVDK111-MB9
Yarn Mix MVSock109-MB2
Mix: Merino Velvet DK 110 and Merino Butter 6
Mix: Merino Velvet DK 111 and Merino Butter 9
Mix: Merino Velvet Sock 109 and Merino Butter 2

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